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Kristine Rose is Conservator of Manuscripts and Printed Books (Assistant Keeper) at the Museum. She is responsible for all elements of conservation in the MSSPB studio, from the implementation of a fully digitised conservation record system, to the interventive conservation of medieval manuscripts and early printed books as required. Kristine works with colleagues across the Museum to make recommendations for the preservation and display of a wide range of material in addition to the execution of highly complex conservation treatments. Her research interests include the conservation of Islamic manuscript material, early binding structures and the use of pigments and dyes in medieval manuscripts.

Kristine is a member of The Islamic Manuscript Association, IPCRA, IIC and an accredited member of ICON.

Relevant publications

  • ‘Conservation of the Turkish Collection at the Chester Beatty Library: A new study of Turkish book construction.’ Conservation and the Eastern Mediterranean, contributions to the Istanbul Congress 20-24th September 2010. Edited by Christina Rozeik, Ashok Roy and David Saunders. London: International Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artictic works, 2010. 45-49.
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