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Rupert Featherstone, Assistant Director (Conservation)
01223 832040

Julie Dawson, Senior Assistant Keeper (Conservator of Antiquities)
01223 332930

Jo Dillon, Conservator of Objects

Richard Farleigh, Conservator of Art on Paper
01223 332835 / 764358 web page

Jennifer Marchant, Conservator of Antiquities
01223 768589 web page

Kristine Rose, Assistant Keeper (Conservator of Manuscripts and Printed Books)
01223 332908 web page

Andor Vince, Collection Care Officer
01223 746642 web page

Jenny Mathiasson, Part Time Collections Care Officer
web page

Current students and interns

Radek Chocha, Paintings Conservation Intern

Anna Cooper, Paintings Conservation Intern
web page

Pia Dowse, Postgraduate Diploma Student
web page

Pia Edqvist, Intern, African Hair Combs Project
web page

Sibel Ergener, ICON intern in the Conservation of Illuminated Manuscripts
web page

Ulla-Satu Kakriainen, Paintings Conservation Intern

Aalia Kamal, Postgraduate Diploma Student

Shan Kuang, Postgraduate Diploma Student
web page

Rebekah Parkinson, Icon/HLF intern in Preventive Conservation
web page

Flavia Ravaioli, Objects Conservation Intern
web page

Artemis Rustau, Paintings Conservation Intern
web page

Lidwien Woesten, Paintings Conservation Intern

Adele Wright, Postgraduate Diploma Student

Former students and interns

Click here to find a list of former conservation students and interns.