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Archbishop Æthelheard of Canterbury (792-805)

Æthelheard, archbishop of Canterbury (792-805), silver penny, issue without king’s name, moneyer Eadgar, c.796-8 (North 231/1; Chick, NCirc 1992, 188-90; Coin Register 1995, no. 132), fragment, 0.77g. Found in Kent, 1998.

This coin was probably struck during the period when Eadberht Præn took control of Kent after the deat of Offa. Æthelheard, a Mercian, fled from his see, but the church appears to have continued striking these coins in his name, without recognising the authority of the Kentish king Eadberht. This is the third known specimen of the type, struck from the same reverse but a different obverse from the others.


Purchased from the Coins & Medals Fund, 1999