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Galba, silver denarius

Galba (AD 68-69), silver denarius, Oct. 68 - Jan. 69, African mint, probably Carthage; Obv. SER SVLPICIVS GALBA IMP AVG, bare bust r., SC below; Rev. VIRTVS, Virtus stg. l. holding Victory (unpublished; cf. RIC I.257.515-21 for related types), 3.00g.

This is a new type belonging to a small and historically important group of coins produced in the months following the suppression of the revolt of Clodius Macer in October 68. The exceptional SC below the bust, although previously unknown for Galba, is a feature that occurs on Macer’s coinage, strengthening the argument that they come from the same mint, very probably Carthage.


Purchased from the University
Purchase Fund and Buttrey Fund