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Liege, William of Lamarck

Liege, William (‘the Bearded’) of Lamarck (mambour 1482-4; d. 1485), Silver patard or aidant, 1484; obv. bearded bust right, rev. shield on cross fleurée (Chestret 370; de Mey 628), 2.67g.

William of Lamark is one of the most colourful figures in Low Country history. Following the murder of Bishop Louis of Bourbon he seized control of the city and had his lay son, John, elected bishop. William was excomunicated and Maximillian I sent an army to remove him. After a truce he stepped aside, and was executed in June 1485. His coins, which survive in only a few specimens, include this patard depicting him with the long pointed beard for which he was famous. This is the earliest coin from the Low Countries carrying a Renaissance portrait.