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Image["Copper halfpenny token depicting land charters on a bonfire, manufactured by Thomas Spence"]

Tokens of Revolution

The Propaganda Coins of Thomas Spence and his Contemporaries

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Image["Antonio Rodriquez de Sardinha wearing his New Zealand Cross and New Zealand Medal"]

Antonio Rodriquez and the New Zealand Cross

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Image["A Japanese woodblock portrait of Commodore Matthew Perry"]

Commodore Perry and the Opening of Japan

An online exhibition of the highlights of the coin collection of Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry

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Image["Obverse of a series Q early silver penny showing a bird facing right below a triquetra"]

Anglo-Saxon Art in the Round

An Exhibition of Anglo-Saxon Coins and Artefacts to Celebrate the Acquisition by the Museum of the De Wit Collection of Early Anglo-Saxon Pennies

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Imagery of War

An Exhibition of British and other Military Medals to celebrate the Donation to Cambridge in America of the Lester Watson Collection.

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Image["The Normans"]

The Normans

Three Centuries of Achievement, 911-1204

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Image["Obverse of gold stater of the Kushan Empire"]

Between East and West: Influence and Change in Coinage

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Image["Obverse of the Sea Gallantry Medal of Harry Meader"]

Coin of the Moment

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Image["Obverse of United States 5 dollars"]

The Eagle on Coins: Divine King of the Birds and Symbol of States

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Image["Obverse of penny of King John"]

The William Conte Collection

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Other On-Line Resources

Image["Obverse of tetradrach of Alexander"]

Ancient Coins as an Historical Source

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