The Fitzwilliam Museum and the Oriental Numismatic Society

Indian Coinage Study Day:
The Sultanate Coinages

Saturday 24 June 2000, 10.30-4.30
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

The Indian Coinage Study Day organised annually by the Department of Coins and Medals of the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Oriental Numismatic Society this year will be on the theme of The Sultanate Coinages. It will coincide with the study visit of Dr Ejaz Hussain of the Visva-Bharati University to Cambridge, who will be working on this series.

The speakers will include Ejaz Hussain (Bengal coinage), Shailendra Bhandare (derivative coinages of the Sultanate period), Stan Goron, Jan Lingen (Malwa coinage) and Nicholas Rhodes (Kashmir coinage). We also hope to entice some historians to talk on the historical/economic background. We will be following the successful format of previous years, with papers of 30-40 minutes, and plenty of time for discussion. Everyone is welcome, but we must ask you to register in advance, so that we know how many people to expect.

If you would like to attend, contribute a paper, or find out more, please contact Mark Blackburn or Elina Screen at the Fitzwilliam Museum. The Study Day itself is free, but will not include lunch.

Elina Screen

Mark Blackburn

Department of Coins and Medals
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, CB2 1RB
Tel. 01223 332915/6
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Paper 1. Jan Lingen, The Coinage of the Malwa Sultanate


Paper 2. Ejaz Hussain, Reflections on silver currency of the Patna mint and Bihar's growing trade during the Mughal Period
Paper 3. Stan Goron and Nick Rhodes, The Victory coins of Hussain Shah of Bengal (AH 899-925, AD 1493-1519)
Discussion 1. Problems of transliteration (see circulation paper by Ejaz Hussain)

Lunch (join the group going to the University Centre or make your own arrangements)

Paper 4. Michael Mitchiner, Vijayanagar and the Southern Frontier of the Sultanate
Paper 5. Shailendra Bhandare, Derivative coinages of the Sultanate period
Discussion 2. (Introduced by Ejaz Hussain)
- Interpreting the coin finds: trade, commerce and communications as revealed in the provincial Sultanate and Imperial coinages.
- Regional distinctions in the use of silver and copper coinages.
- Issues of monetisation.

Summing up


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