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A Symposium For Philip Grierson

Tuesday 14 March 2006

11.00 am – 4.00 pm

The Seminar Room, Fitzwilliam Museum

  • 10.30 Assembly and Coffee
  • 11.00 Welcome by Mark Blackburn
  • 11.02 Ernest Oberländer-Târnoveau, 'Last frontiers of the Neapolitan gigliato: Serbia, Bulgaria and Wallachia'
  • 11.25 Stewart Lyon, 'The English sterling: a unifying weight in the monetary systems of medieval north-western Europe?'
  • 11.50 Simon Coupland, 'Viking silver on the Continent'
  • 12.15 Shinichi Sakuraki, 'Interpreting Japanese medieval coin finds in the light of European studies'
  • 12.35 Michael Matzke, 'The northern Italian portrait coinage of Frederick II reconsidered'
  • 1.00 Lunch in the University Centre
  • 2.00 Claude Brenot, 'Les monnaies provençales du VIe siècle'
  • 2.25 Lucia Travaini, 'Thirteenth-century gold romanini: identikit for a missing coin'
  • 2.50 Andrea Saccocci, 'Coin counterfeiting in Medieval Italy: new archaeological evidence from the Eastern Alps'
  • 3.15 Cécile Morrisson, 'John V Palaeologos' florin in context
  • 3.30 Jørgen Steen Jensen, 'Around the foundation of a great 19th century coin collection: J. Reichel in St.Petersburg and the lottery concessionnaire A. Doepler in Warsaw'
  • 3.50 Summing up by Peter Spufford