Distinguished Service Order, issued between 1910 & 1928

Image["Distinguished Service Order, 1910-1935"]

Obverse, a laurel wreath around a crown, all enamelled green gilt and red, arms of the cross enamelled white

Image["Distinguished Service Order, 1910-1935"]

Reverse, a laurel wreath around the royal monogram of George V, all enamelled green gilt and red, arms of the cross enamelled white

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Distinguished Service Order, 1910-1935

The Distinguished Service Order was instituted by Queen Victoria in 1886, to reward individual instances of meritorious or distinguished service in war, usually under fire--resentment among front-line troops over awards to staff officers during the Great War led this to be made official policy in 1917. Until 1943 only those mentioned in despatches were eligible. The medal is still awarded for outstanding military command or leadership.
Precise dating of this example is difficult, beyond the fact that it is an issue of the reign of George V, and that it was in the Watson Collection by 1928. Lester Watson purchased it at some point before the making of his catalogue that year.

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