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Distinguished Conduct Medal, awarded to Cpl. W. Gill, probably in 1854

Distinguished Conduct Medal, 1854-1901

Obverse, sundry trappings of war around royal arms on round shield

Distinguished Conduct Medal, 1854-1901

Reverse, inscription

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Distinguished Conduct Medal, 1854-1901

The Distinguished Conduct Medal was instituted in particular recognition of the gallant exploits of soldiers serving in the Crimea, but was awarded for distinguished conduct in later conflicts too; it was discontinued only in 1993.
Precise dating of this medal is difficult, beyond the fact that it is an issue of Victoria's reign, but as the recipient, Corporal W. Gill of the 34th Regiment, was also awarded the Sultan of Turkey's Crimea Medal in 1854, it is likely that his distinguished service was performed in the Crimea and therefore that this medal was one of the first issued. It was purchased by Lester Watson at some point before 1928, and had previously been part of the Payne Collection.