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Sudan Medal (1910), without bar, awarded to Cpt. T. M. Monk, 1918

Khedive's Sudan Medal (1910), 1911

Obverse, an inscription in Arabic

Khedive's Sudan Medal (1910), 1911

Reverse, a lion facing right on a shoreline with the rising sun and palm-trees on the far shore behind; he stands on a plinth bearing the inscription; in the exergue, crossed spears behind a shield

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Sudan Medal (1910), 1918

The recovery by Egypt of the Sudan, after its secession under Mahdist rebels in the 1880s, did not by any means mark the end of conflict in that province, which remained restless under an Egyptian control seen merely as a puppet for British imperialism. By 1908 a total of 15 bars had been awarded with the Khedive's Sudan Medal, and it was therefore decided to institute an entire new medal, which was first issued in 1910. The medal was awarded in silver and in bronze, but bars were only awarded with the silver issue. The award was maintained by the next two Khedives; this example is an issue of Khedive Fuad I, who ruled from 1917 till 1936.
This medal was awarded to Captain T. M. Monk; it is not known in what campaign in the Sudan he fought, but due to the issuing ruler it presumably postdates his service in the Great War of 1914-18. It is part of what the catalogue of the Watson Collection considers Group 6, but as it is not physically attached to the group it has been considered separately here. A further part of this group is considered previously. This medal was acquired with the rest of the group by Lester Watson at some point before 1928.