1914-15 Star, awarded to Sgt. E. J. Mott, 1919

Image["Mons Star, 1917"]

Obverse, crossed swords with inscriptions on scrolls, under a wreath with the royal monogram at the bottom and over a four-pointed star of which the topmost point is replaced by a crown

Image["Mons Star, 1917"]

Reverse, a plain star with the recipient's name stamped

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1914-15 Star, 1919 (Great War 1914-1918)

Following the issue of the 1914 Star for those who had seen service in the first months of the Great War of 1914-18, in 1919 another issue was made for survivors of the period 5 August 1914 to the end of 1915. Although service in the Battle of Ypres earnt the 1914 Star instead, and the hideous casualties on the Somme reduced the number of possible claimants considerably, the Star was also awarded for service in overseas theatres. It was always awarded alongside the British War Medal and Allied Victory Medal.
This medal, which the Lester Watson catalogue incorrectly entitles a Mons Star (this nickname applying only to the 1914 award) was awarded to Sergeant Edward J. Mott, of the Border Regiment, whose acts of valour on the Western Front eventually earned him the Victoria Cross. It forms part of what Lester Watson's catalogue lists as Group 2, and its provenance is discussed in the page for that group.

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