Group 1

Queen's Sudan Medal, Khedive's Sudan Medal with bars for Firket, Hafir, Abu Hamed, Sudan 1897, The Atbara, Khartoum, Sudan 1899, Gedid & Nyam Nyam & Sudan Medal (1910) with bars for S. Kordofan 1910 & Sudan 1912, awarded to an unknown Sudanese soldier between 1899 & 1910

Image["Group 1"]

Image["Group 1"]

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Group 1: Queen's Sudan Medal, Khedive's Sudan Medal, Sudan Medal (1910)

The circumstances of award and the history of the individual medals are discussed on the following three pages, q. v..
The original recipient of this group is not known, as none of the medals are named. The Queen's Sudan Medal and the Khedive's Sudan Medal do however bear his regiment, the 12th Sudanese Regiment, and his number, 2439/9, and the Museum would be grateful to hear from anyone who can use these data to supply more information about the owner of these medals and his clearly extensive career fighting in Sudan and Egypt. The third medal bears no inscription at all.
The group is joined by stitching at the top of the ribbons. Lester Watson purchased it from the London dealers Spink at some point before 1928.

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