Transport Medal, with bar for South Africa 1899-1900, awarded to E. L. Jackson 1903

Image["Transport Medal, 1903"]

Obverse, a bust of King Edward VII

Image["Transport Medal, 1903"]

Reverse, a section of world map at top, with a naval transport at sea below

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Transport Medal, 1903 (Boxer Rebellion)

In 1903, with the Second Boer War and the Boxer Rebellion both recently ended, and various medals awarded for service in each, consideration was also given to those involved in ferrying the troops to these unusually farflung theatres of war. The result was the Transport Medal, which was awarded to the senior officers of the 117 transports and 10 hospital ships that had been pressed into service during those campaigns. Provision was made to award the medal in future to officers of the Merchant Navy serving in transports, but when opportunity came in the form of the Great War of 1914-1918, this was not in fact done and merchant seamen sailing in war zones were awarded the new (but less splendid) Mercantile Marine War Medal instead. Only some 250 Transport Medals were therefore awarded.
This example was awarded to E. L. Jackson, of whose service nothing more is known. Lester Watson purchased the medal at some point before 1928.

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