Africa General Service Medal, with bar for Lango 1901, awarded to Cpl. Abdulla Mongo, 1901

Image["Africa General Service Medal, 1902"]

Obverse, a bust of King Edward VII

Image["Africa General Service Medal, 1902"]

Reverse, Britannia with lion gesturing right to sun on horizon

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Africa General Service Medal, 1902-1910

Numerous actions in the British-controlled parts of Africa were felt to merit the award of a medal, but not a distinct one for every action. The Africa General Service Medal replaced the East and West Africa Medal which had previously been awarded for service in this theatre. Bars were awarded for a variety of small campaigns, sometimes only one expedition and sometimes rather more complex operations.
The campaign for which this medal was awarded was a one-battalion expedition sent to punish Sudanese rebels in the Lango area.
It was awarded to Corporal Abdulla Mongo of the 4th Battalion, King's African Rifles. Lester Watson purchased it in the auction of the Hamilton Smith Collection, of which it had formed part, in 1927 (Glendining, 20-21 July 1927, lot 956).

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