Meritorious Service Medal (Royal Air Force), awarded to Air Mech. 3 S. Prince between 1918 & 1928

Image["Meritorious Service Medal (RAF), 1918-1928"]

Obverse, a bust of King George V facing left

Image["Meritorious Service Medal (RAF), 1918-1928"]

Reverse, inscription with laurel wreath around and a crown above

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Meritorious Service Medal (RAF), 1918-1928

The creation of the Royal Air Force in 1918 by the amalgamation of the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service necessitated the creation of new awards for the new service. For meritorious service the design of the Army's parallel award was adopted unchanged but with a new ribbon and suspender. The issue of this medal in the RAF was discontinued in 1928 in favour of awards of the British Empire Medal, but was resumed in 1977; it is still on current issue.
This medal was awarded to Air Mechanic 3rd Class S. Prince of the Royal Air Force. The lack of a specified unit suggests that this award was made early in the Force's history, probably for action in the Great War of 1914-1918. Lester Watson acquired the medal at some point before 1928.

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