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Meritorious Service Medal (Army), awarded to Col. Sgt. J. Costello between 1901 & 1910

Meritorious Service Medal (Army), 1901-1910

Obverse, a bust of King Edward VII facing left

Meritorious Service Medal (Army), 1901-1910

Reverse, inscription with laurel wreath around and a crown above

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Meritorious Service Medal (Army), 1901-1910

At the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, most of the service medals on current issue were updated with a portrait of her successor King Edward VII by George de Saulles on the obverse. The existing reverses and suspensions were however usually maintained, and the Meritorious Service Medal was no exception, as comparison with the previous issue under Victoria will show. Requirements for the award of the medal remained the same.
This medal was awarded to Colour Sergeant J. Costello of the 27th Foot, at some point during Edward VII's reign. Lester Watson acquired it at some point before 1928.