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Mercantile Marine War Medal, awarded to Alexander Dikson, 1919

Mercantile Marine War Medal, 1919

Obverse, a bust of King George V

Mercantile Marine War Medal, 1919

Reverse, merchant ships at sea circling a sinking submarine

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Mercantile Marine War Medal, 1919

In Britain as with many other countries (including Switzerland) merchant vessels sailing under the national flag are reckoned as part of the naval command in time of war. The dogged service of the British Merchant Navy of the Second World War in the face of submarine and air campaigns against it was presaged by a similar effort during the Great War of 1914-1918. In 1919 this was recognised by the award of this bronze medal to officers and men of the Mercantile Marine who had served on one or more voyages through a designated Danger Zone. The medal depicts a pair of merchant steamers circling a sinking German U-Boat.
This medal was awarded to Alexander Dikson of the Merchant Navy, although it is not known on which ship he served. Lester Watson acquired it at some point before 1928.