Hong Kong Plague Medal, awarded to Pvt. G. Taplin 1894

Image["Hong Kong Plague Medal, 1894"]

Obverse, a doctor warding off the flying figure of Death from a Chinese patient on table, attended by nurse; `1894' on scroll in exergue.

Image["Hong Kong Plague Medal, 1894"]

Reverse, plain

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Hong Kong Plague Medal, 1894

The island of Hong Kong, a British possession since the end of the First Anglo-Chinese War, fell victim in 1894 to a wave of bubonic plague which was sweeping China. The crowded settlement was a closed zone for five months.
During this time three hundred men of the Shropshire Light Infantry and various other military and naval personnel were also caught on the island. The work they did in maintaining order and assisting the medical effort was acknowledged by the Governor of the colony with this medal. As it is not a Service medal, it could not be worn in uniform.
This piece went to Private G. Taplin of the Shropshires; he had to have the engraving of his name corrected. Lester Watson purchased the medal at some point before 1928.

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