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Naval Engineer's Medal, awarded to Engineer1 William Shaw, 1842

Naval Engineer's Medal, 1842

Obverse, a two-masted paddle-steamer sailing right

Naval Engineer's Medal, 1842

Reverse, anchor surmounted by crown

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Naval Engineer's Medal, 1842

This short-lived medal was created in 1842 to reward naval engineers for distinguished service. It was discontinued with the regrading of Engineers as Warrant Officers in 1847, which made them eligible for other decorations. During this brief period only eight of the medals were issued.
Engineer 1st Class William Shaw was the first recipient of the medal, for his service aboard HMS Tartarus in West Indian and American waters. Lester Watson purchased his medal in the auction of the Hamilton-Smith collection, of which it may have previously formed part, in 1927 (Glendining, 21-22 Nov 1927, lot 1293).