East and West Africa Medal, with bars for 1887-8, 1892 & 1893-94, awarded to Sgt. J. Dunkley between 1892 & 1894

Image["East and West Africa Medal, 1892-1900"]

Obverse, a bust of Queen Victoria with crown and veil

Image["East and West Africa Medal, 1892-1900"]

Reverse, a scene of bush fighting around a tree with a fallen African to the fore

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East and West Africa Medal, 1893

Peace-keeping operations in the British possessions in Africa, as anywhere else, required a large number of small campaigns, several of which, from 1892 until 1900, were considered to merit this medal, which in terms of design is a continuation of the Ashantee War Medal. Recipients who held that medal already were therefore awarded only extra clasps.
The bars on this medal relate to small expeditions against: the Yoni tribe in what is now Kenya in 1887-8, who had made the unfortunate error of retaliating against attacks from a neighbouring tribe now under British protection; simultaneous campaigns against a henchman of the Gambian chieftain Fodi Kabba at Toniataba, against the Jebu tribe in modern Nigeria, and in Tambi in what is now Sierra Leone in 1892, the last of which was curtailed to ensure the conclusion of the first; and against the Sofa tribe and up the Gambia River in 1893-4.
This medal was awarded to Sergeant J. Dunkley, of the 1st Battalion, 1st West India Regiment. Lester Watson purchased the medal at some point before 1928.

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