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On 30 January 2010 the Gallery of Greek and Roman Antiquities (gallery 21) reopened after an 18-month period of refurbishment.

Image["Gallery in 2010 500x346 (42K)"]

The new Greek and Roman gallery

Image["Gallery in 1968 318x250 (9K)"]

The Gallery in 1968

This has been a long awaited and eagerly anticipated opportunity to refresh the Greek and Roman display. The last re-arrangement of this gallery dated back to the 1960s, and over the decades since then the types of questions being asked about the ancient world have radically changed. At the same time huge advances have been made in conservation, environmental control and display-case design. This redisplay brings the Fitzwilliam's antiquities collection into the 21st century. Issues that arise from the latest research are explored through new object and information arrangements in a modern setting that complements the 19th-century architecture of the gallery.

The physical refurbishment of the gallery is part of a larger research project funded by the AHRC. Find out more about the project, which runs until October 2011, here. This research into the Greek and Roman world and the Museum's own collection of antiquities has already contributed to the new gallery display and will continue to enhance the online information. Keep watching this space for new developments.

Questions we are considering include:

This major project has been made possible by generous funding from a number of individuals and organisations including:

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