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Image["Keeper of Antiquities Lucilla Burn demonstrates types of domestic lighting in ancient Greece"]

Lucilla Burn (Keeper of Antiquities)
demonstrates types of domestic lighting from
ancient Greece during a Museums at Night
event. (The oil lamps used are replicas!)


Outreach and public engagement with our collections plays a central role to the activities of the Antiquities Department.

We believe that your visit to the collections of Greece, Rome and Cyprus should be an engaging and interactive experience. Our Greece and Rome gallery, redesigned in 2009-10, highlights specific themes and topics about the ancient Greek and Roman world as well as the different people who have shaped the life of each ancient artefact. You can read more about the aims of the new display in Gallery 21 here.

Outreach and public engagement efforts here have been directly driven by the new themes explored in the gallery as well as by the research, curatorial and conservation interests of the department.

Our outreach programme centres on three types of event or activity:

Talks, gallery guided tours and in-depth seminars:

Talks, guided gallery visits and in depth-seminars on aspects of the Greek and Roman world are the heart of our engagement with the public. In these sessions you can find out about such topics as ancient production and technology as well as the conservation of ancient objects of a variety of materials (marble and stone, clay, metal or glass) - or you can pose your own questions about the ancient word to our experts!

We also welcome requests for specific seminars or talks generated by your own interests or relating to a specific theme that you want to discover in depth, either as part of your studies, or simply because you want to know more!

Handling sessions and "Meet the Antiquities"

Our handling sessions are especially designed so that the public of all ages and interests can experience ancient Greek, Roman and Cypriot artefacts at first hand! These sessions are hosted in secure spaces within the museum, where handling ancient objects can be safe and comfortable. If you take part in one of our handling sessions you will be given specials instructions on how to handle the objects as well as a set of practical notes to take home with you! We very regularly host handling sessions on ancient ceramics, but occasionally we host special days where handling of metal objects can be made possible. The handling sessions are a unique opportunity to discover just how much there is to find out about any individual object in our collections.

Image["Children talk to conservation students about Greek vases during a Meet the Antiquities session"]

Meet the Antiquities sessions enable everyone, young or old, to
see our objects close-up and talk to conservators and curators.

We also regularly provide "Meet the Antiquities" events, usually during the school holidays. These are held in the galleries and are an opportunity to experience objects from our collections that are not usually on display. This is also a very good opportunity to talk to our curators and conservators about their work with these objects. During these events, visitors are not allowed to handle the objects but you are encouraged to experience them close-up outside a glass case.

Image["A handling session for people with sight loss, organised in association with Cam Sight"]

Since 2011, we have worked with local charities and other groups to develop a special series of handling classes and seminars specifically for people with sight loss. If this is something that interests you please get in touch and tell us your interests, as we are also able to create tailor-made sessions on a theme that you really like!

Image["A handling session for people with sight loss, organised in association with Cam Sight"]

A handling session for people with sight loss, organised in association with local charity Cam Sight.

Outreach visits, ‘taking the museum outside the museum’

We understand that sometimes a physical visit is not possible. In this case we may be able to visit you instead, bringing a selection of artefacts or replicas to you, or offer a presentation on a theme of your choice.

If you represent a school and would like to organize a teaching session related with Ancient Greece or Rome, please get in touch with our Education Department and they will be able to offer a suitable session for you.

If you represent a University, a higher education institution or a society and would like a member of the Antiquities staff to provide a specialist session to your audience, please .

We also welcome research questions, questions about forthcoming exhibitions or suggestions for new public engagement activities, please contact us.

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