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Image["Mosaic Niche"]

Mosaic Niche

This beautifully intricate mosaic once decorated a niche, or vault, in a Roman villa in Baiae, Italy.

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Image["the ash chest (cinerarium) of Aelia Postumia and her husband"]

the ash chest (cinerarium) of Aelia Postumia and her husband

This intricately decorated Luna marble ash chest (cinerarium), dating to the first century AD, served as the final resting place for Aelia Postumia and her husband.

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Image["The Brough Stone"]

The Brough Stone

The Brough Stone is a sandstone slab bearing a Greek inscription, named after Brough-under-Stainmore in Cumbria, where it was first noticed in 1879.

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Image["Newton Hall Athena"]

The Newton Hall Athena

This statue of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and of war, has recently been allocated to the Fitzwilliam Museum by HM Government, as a gift to the nation in lieu of inheritance tax.

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Image["A new cup by the Dokimasia Painter"]

A new cup by the Dokimasia Painter

In 2004, the Fitzwilliam Museum acquired a new cup by the Dokimasia Painter.

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