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Welcome to the online version of the Fitzwilliam Museum’s gallery of Greece and Rome (Gallery 21), which features Greek and Roman art and archaeology between about 3,000 BC and AD 350. Here you can browse the objects on display, together with the gallery information about them. As far as possible this online gallery reflects what is available in the actual gallery, but some alterations have been due to the online format.

On this page is the general information available in Gallery 21:

For further discussion of the context and history, both ancient and modern, of some of our objects, see the online pages which cover the following topics:



A Map of the Greek and Roman world marking site relating to the objects displayed in the gallery

Image["A Map of the Greek and Roman world"]

click on map to see larger version



A Timeline of the ancient Mediterranean world

Download PDF


Portable Gallery Information Boards

These Information Boards discuss some ancient themes in the new display. They are available for use in the Museum Gallery itself, but to download a printable pdf version click on the images or captions below.

Image["Ancient People, Ancient Places_180_445 (17K)"]
Image["The Art of Imitation_180x445 (18K)"]
Image["The Local and the Global_180x445 (16K)"]

Information Boards:

Ancient People, Ancient Places, The Art of Imitation, The Local and the Global


Image["Writing_180x445 (17K)"]
Image["Decorative Effects_180x445 (19K)"]
Image["Colour Lost...Colour Rediscovered_180x445 (17K)"]


Information Boards:

Writing, Decorative Effects, Colour Lost....Colour Rediscovered


Image["Greek_Roman_Gallery_Guide_320x454 (38K)"]

The Gallery Guide

This booklet was available free of charge in the newly opened gallery until September 2010. It describes the work involved in setting up the new display, and focuses on some objects that were particular favourites of the gallery team.

You can download a pdf version of the Gallery Guide.


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