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Death in Greece and Rome: Rome

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Grave marker (stele) for Aristeas

The Greek inscription may be translated ‘Aristeas, son of Zosimos’. Aristeas reclines on a couch, surrounded by his family. A papyrus roll in his left hand suggests he was a man of learning. The arrangement of the scene echoes that of earlier votive reliefs (like those displayed in Gifts to the Gods in Greece & Rome) where a reclining god or hero is approached by worshippers. The seated woman who removes her veil like a bride is also found in earlier reliefs. The hairstyles suggest a date of around AD 250.

Production place: Greece
Date: around AD 250 
Find spot: rocky island near harbour of La Scala, Patmos, Greek Islands
Given by Clarke, E.D., Professor

Object Number: GR.21.1865

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