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Hellenistic Greek World 400-1 BC

Case 10: The Hellenistic World

Gods and mortals: gods

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Tradition says that around 350 BC the sculptor Praxiteles made two statues of Aphrodite for the island of Cos, one clothed and the other naked. The naked Aphrodite, the first ever made, was rejected as indecent by the Coans. But the people of nearby Cnidus took the statue, and it soon became extremely famous. Alternative versions of the naked goddess were created and all were copied in a variety of sizes and a range of materials, from marble to bronze and terracotta.

Like the two marble figures GR.2.1954 and GR.3.1954, this may represent the birth of the goddess from the sea: she holds up her hands to tie a ribbon round her hair.

Date: around  200–1 BC
Find spot: Egypt (?)
Bronze (copper alloy)

Object Number: GR.7.1891

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