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Case 6: Greek Vases

Looking at Greek Vases I: painters and connoisseurs

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Wine jar (pelike): The Pig Painter

The pigs catch our attention first, but who are the men standing over them? The man in the hat may be the hero Odysseus on his long-delayed return home to Ithaca, meeting the faithful swineherd Eumaios. Or they may simply be a pair of countrymen. Ancient viewers, like us, might have chosen either of these interpretations. Some vase painters and potters signed their work. Most pots, like this one, are unsigned and some have been attributed, on stylistic grounds, either to painters who signed other pots, or to anonymous painters who have been given modern nick-names. The painter of this wine jar has been named the 'Pig Painter' after this scene.

Production place: Athens
Date: around  470–460 BC
Fired Clay, red-figure technique
Given by Art Fund

Object Number: GR.9.1917

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