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Case 4: Classical Athens 540–400 BC

A good Athenian

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‘Corinthian’ style helmet

This is a common type of helmet, and similar ones are worn or carried by many warriors shown on vases. This example was probably a dedication, made after a battle.

Date: around  600–500 BC
Find spot: Olympia, Greece
Bronze (copper alloy)
Given by Bosanquet, R.C.

Object Number: GR.1.1896

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Stemless cup: a young man running

The young man wears greaves and carries a shield and helmet. He may be a hoplitodromos, a participant in a race that was run wearing — or carrying — full armour. The craftsman who painted this vase was called Skythes. We know his name because he signed some of the vases he painted.

Production place: Athens
Date: around  500 BC
Find spot: Vulci, Etruria Italy
Fired Clay, red-figure technique
Leake Collection

Object Number: GR.48.1864

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