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Kemet: Ancient Egypt, Africa Workshop 3

with Dr Mpay Kemboly

The Fitzwilliam Museum, Department of Antiquities through the work of Dr Sally-Ann Ashton Senior Assistant Keeper and with the support from Dr Stephen Quirke Curator of the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology organised free workshops consulting communities who were invited to raise important questions and issues with key African intellectuals. Saira Law was the Project Coordinator and Chair of each workshop. This work was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Our aim is to allow community and student groups the opportunity to ask questions about the ethnicity of the ancient Egyptians and to obtain an understanding of how Egypt fits into African cultural heritage, now.

Dr Mpay Kemboly has studied philosophy, theology, ancient Egyptian language and Coptic. He also speaks several African and European languages. Completing his PhD in Egyptology at the University of Oxford, he returned to the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa, where he is a Roman Catholic priest and member of the religious Order of the Jesuits. He has also studied in Kinshasa and Rome. For this workshop he focuses on spirituality and the ancient Egyptians and modern interpretations or uses of ancient Egyptian religion and culture.

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