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Gallery 20: Case 7

The Ramesside Period, 1292-1070 BC

The last ruler of Dynasty 18, a general named Horemheb, tried to obliterate all traces of the Amarna period. The first ruler of Dynasty 19 was another general, Ramesses. He and his successors founded new settlements and palaces in the Delta. Royal burials continued to take place at Thebes, where elaborate temples to the cult of the dead king were built.

The Ramesside rulers also paid for the building of many other temples throughout Egypt and Nubia, dedicated both to traditional gods and to the cult of the royal family.

The king's principal wife continued to play a key religious and political role, and many representations of royal women survive from this period. Political marriages between the Egyptian kings and women from neighbouring royal households in Syria and the Near East were common: this was a way of marking and strengthening political and military alliances.

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