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Gallery 20: Case 4

Early Dynasty 18

After a short period under the rule of foreign kings, known as the Hyksos, an Egyptian king regained control of Egypt around 1550 BC. Contact with foreign lands continued as Egypt increased its trading activities and expanded its borders as far as the Euphrates (in modern Iraq).

Royal women played a more active role at this time. Hatshepsut, for example, ruled as a king, first as regent for and later as co-ruler with her younger relative Thutmosis III. Some time after her death he removed her name from numerous monuments, replacing it with his own, in an attempt to erase her from history.

Several of the relief fragments shown here come from the temple of the cult of the dead King Hatshepsut at the area known today as Deir el-Bahri: many such temples were constructed nearby at this time.

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