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Limestone door jamb

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Limestone door jamb


architectural element




Right thickness and jamb, with man and woman seated, inscription continues around edge onto side. From the tomb of Minnefer, a royal official. It is unusual because it records the name of Minnefer's son, Hetepniptah, which is the name of the owner of another tomb close by. There are very few examples where a relationship between tomb owners can be established at such an early date.

Field Collection

mastaba G2427 of Minnefer Giza Egypt


length 64.8 cm
width 47 cm


Fifth Dynasty
Old Kingdom


2504 B.C. — 2347 B.C.


  1. Hassan, S.
    Excavations at Giza
    [comments: pls. lxv-lxxii (79) P.135]
  2. Malek, J.
    (1982) New Reliefs and Inscriptions from five old tombs at Giza and Saqqara (1982)
    Source title: Bulletin de la Société d'égyptologie, Genève (
    [comments: p.52-55]



Accession Number

E.SS.77 (Antiquities)
(Reference Number: 63448; Input Date: 2003-03-25 / Last Edit: 2011-07-22)

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