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architectural element




Reshef in upper register, two men in lower register. The image depicts two people worshipping the Canaanite god Reshef who holds a mace and shield and is named in the text.

Field Collection

Deir el Medina Thebes Egypt


height 16.5 cm
width 13 cm
depth 2 cm


New Kingdom
Nineteenth Dynasty


circa 1295 B.C. — 1186 B.C.


bequeathed: Gayer-Anderson, R.G. (Major) 1943 (Filtered for: Antiquities)


  1. inscription
    Position: bottom left and round the first of the two figures
    Method: incised
    Content: rdit iAw n rSwp nTr aA di.f anx wDA snb n kA n sDm-aS m st mAat pA-Sd
    Translation: Giving praise to Reshef, the great god, that he may give life, prosperity and health for the ka of the servant in the place of truth, Pashed
  2. inscription
    Position: right of second figure
    Method: incised
    Content: sA.f pA?-nbw?
    Translation: His son Paneb?


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Accession Number

E.GA.3002.1943 (Antiquities)
(Reference Number: 57432; Input Date: 2003-03-25 / Last Edit: 2011-07-22)

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