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Faience shabti for the Apis Bull

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Faience shabti for the Apis Bull


funerary equipment




shabti, green glazed with details in black, for Hapi

Production Notes

This shabti figure has a bull's head rather than that of a human. The shabti would help the deceased Apis fulfill tasks in the afterlife. The French Egyptologist Mariette found it during the original excavations of the Apis bull burial chambers.

Field Collection

Serapeum Saqqara Egypt


height 10 cm


Nineteenth Dynasty
New Kingdom


1292 B.C. — 1070 B.C.


bequeathed: Whyte, Edward Towry 1932 (Filtered for: Antiquities)


  1. inscription
    Content: sHD pA wsir Hapi
    Translation: the illuminated one, the Osiris, Hapi



Accession Number

E.51.1932 (Antiquities)
(Reference Number: 52781; Input Date: 2003-03-25 / Last Edit: 2011-07-12)

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