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Limestone dyad.

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Limestone dyad.






pair statue, man and his sister, inscribed. Heti was an overseer of scribes and his sister, Khenut daughter of Meresankh, was a royal acquaintance. The couple hold hands indicating their equal status. It is more typical on dyads for one person (usually the woman) to put her arm around her consort.

Field Collection

Tomb G.5480 Giza Egypt


depth 14.5 cm
height 54 cm
width 28 cm


Fifth Dynasty
Sixth Dynasty
Old Kingdom


2494 B.C. — 2345 B.C.


  1. inscription
    Translation: Judge, overseer of scribes, Heti. His sister, Royal Acquaintance, daughter of Meresankh, Khenut.


  1. Junker, H.
    Giza VIII. Bericht uber die ... Grabungen auf dem Friedhof des Alten Reiches bei den Pyramiden von Giza. Bd. 8. Die Ostabschnitt des Westfriedhofs. Teil 2
    [comments: Abb.4 and pl.VIa]
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    [comments: 2nd edition]



Accession Number

E.62.1926 (Antiquities)
(Reference Number: 52423; Input Date: 2003-03-25 / Last Edit: 2011-07-22)

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