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Limestone false door stela

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Limestone false door stela


architectural element


false door


rectangular, priestess of Hathor seated before offering table, inscribed. The stela is in the form of a doorway. Such objects acted as the doorway through which the spirit if the deceased could recieve offerings at the tomb. At the top sits the owner, a woman who was priestess of Hathor. Her name was Hemy-Re. In front of the deceased is an offering table. There is no mention of a husband of family in the text.

Field Collection

Busiris ? Egypt


height 82.5 cm
width 63.5 cm
thickness 8 cm


Seventh Dynasty
Tenth Dynasty
First Intermediate period


2170 B.C. — 2025 B.C.


  1. inscription
    Position: left jambs
    Method: incised
    Content: Htp di nsw in wsir nb Ddw t Hnqt xt nb(t) wabt prrt Hr sAT n wsir m Ddw n imAXt Hmi-ra rn.s nfr rxt nsw Hm(t) nTr Hwt-Hr Hmi i anxw tpyw tA Hr wAt tn t wAb pw n wsir iw n imAxtwy Hmi
    Description: vertical text, hieroglyphs facing to right
    Translation: An offering which the king gives by Osiris, Lord of Busiris: brea, beer and every pure thing that goes forth upon the libation slab of Osiris in Busiris, for the revered one Hemire, whose 'good name' is the royal acquaintance and priestess of Hathor, Hemi. O you living upon earth, who will pass by this way, who will say: "It is the pure bread of Osiris", it is for the revered one, Hemi.
  2. inscription
    Position: right jambs
    Method: incised
    Content: [Htp di] inpw xnty sH nTr imy wt nb tA Dsr prt-xrw m wAg-Hb DHwty-Hb n imAxwt Hmi-ra rn.s nfr Hmi [ink iri] Htp sbi imAxHsyt nt it.s //rt [mut].s imAxt nt Hwt-Hr nbt Ddw
    Description: vertical text, hieroglyphs facing to left
    Translation: A gift which Anubis gives, who presides over the embalming shrine, Lord of the Sacred land; an invocation offering on the Wag-festival and the festival of Thoth for the revered one, Hemire, whose 'good name' is Hemi. [I am one who makes] peace and attains a state of reverence; praised by her father /// beloved of her [mother], revered of Hathor Mistress of Busiris. (Hemire, whose good name is Hemi).
  3. inscription
    Position: offering scene, in front of deceased
    Method: incised
    Content: imAxwt Hmi
    Description: hieroglyphs facing to right
    Translation: The revered one, Hemi
  4. inscription
    Position: panel below offering scene
    Method: incised
    Content: imAxwt xr ptH skr imAxwt xr wsir nb Ddw imAxwt xr inpw nb qrst
    Description: 3 horizontal rows of hieroglyphs facing to the right
    Translation: Revered before Ptah-Sokar. Revered before Osiris, Lord of Busiris. Revered before Anubis, Lord of Burial
  5. inscription
    Position: panel below offering scene
    Method: incised
    Content: rxt nsw Hm(t) nTr Hwt-Hr Hmi-ra rn.s nfr Hmi
    Description: hiergolyphs facing to right
    Translation: The royal acquaintance and priestess of Hathor, Hemire whose 'good name' is Hemi
  6. inscription
    Position: central jambs, left
    Method: incised
    Content: sDA.s Hr wAwt nfr(w)t nt Hrty-nTr m imAxwt nt nTr-aA Hmi-ra rn.s nfr Hmi ir sS nb swAt.f Hr is pn Ddt.f t Hnqt n nbt is pn imAxt (Hmi-ra rn.s nfr Hmi)
    Description: vertical columns of hieroglyphs facing to right
    Translation: May she proceed on the good ways of the necropolis as the revered one of the Great God, Hemire, whose good name is Hemi; as for every scribe who will pass by this tomb, who will say: 'Bread and beer for the mistress of this tomb, the revered one (Hemire, whose 'good name' is Hemi).
  7. inscription
    Position: central jambs, right
    Method: incised
    Content: ink rdit t n Hqr Hbs n Hawy Hsyt nt hi.s Hmi-ra ir r[mT] nb t n Hmi m is.s pn ink Ax iqr n rdi.i Dw
    Description: vertical columns of hieroglyphs, facing to left
    Translation: I am one who gives bread to the hungry and clothing to the naked, one praised of her husband, Hemire; as for all the people who will say: 'Bread for Hemi in this her tomb', I am an excellent spirit who will not cause harm to them


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E.6.1909 (Antiquities)
(Reference Number: 51004; Input Date: 2003-03-25 / Last Edit: 2011-07-22)

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