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Egyptian Galleries on-line

Artefacts from the Fitzwilliam Museum's Egyptian collection are displayed in Gallery 19 and Gallery 20 (museum floor plan). These web pages allow you to view the objects displayed and find out more about them from the records in the museum's on-line database.

View of part of gallery 19Religion and Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Cases 11 to 13 introduce the religious beliefs and practices of ancient Egypt, as well as those of foreigners living in Egypt. Christian and Islamic artefacts are also displayed in this section.

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View of part of gallery 19Death and Burial in Ancient Egypt

The objects in this gallery relate to ancient Egyptian burial practices from around 5000-4500 BC to the Roman period and beyond, including artefacts from Islamic and Christian (Coptic) Egypt.

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View of part of gallery 20People of Ancient Egypt

This gallery offers a chronological introduction to the people of Ancient Egypt. The earliest objects in the gallery, date to around 3050 BC. The displays end with Roman and later Egypt.

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