Image["Tulip-shaped bowl from Cyprus (GR.5y.1939)"]
Pottery, figurines in clay and copper alloy, glass vessels, stone sculpture and inscriptions are all included in the Cypriot collection, which ranges in date from the Early Bronze Age of around 2,500 BC to the Roman period (up to around AD 400).

Ceramics and glass are especially well represented. The objects have been acquired by excavation, gift, bequest and purchase from 1864 onwards.

Cypriot objects are displayed in the A.G. Leventis Gallery of Cypriot Antiquities (Gallery 22).

Floor plan of the museum.

Online Exhibition: Ceramic Art, Craft and Tales from Medieval Cyprus

This online exhibition presents a number of Cypriot pots and other objects from the collection of the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia, along with 8 from the Fitzwilliam Museum's own collection.

The Fitzwilliam Museum : Cyprus

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