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Ancient Near East

Relief of eagle-headed demon from Nimrud (Kalhu)The Fitzwilliam Museum's Ancient Near Eastern gallery offers a glimpse into the pre-Classical history and archaeology of Mesopotamia and its neighbours.

The collection includes objects representing many of the major civilizations and empires of the Ancient Near East (e.g. the Sumerians, the Assyrians, and the Babylonians) and also houses artefacts from important sites such as Ur, Nimrud (Kalhu) and Tell Brak.

Here are some examples of objects from the collection that are currently on display in Gallery 23:

You can search for specific objects from the collection, or browse the catalogue.

Plan featuring location of ANE gallery (23)

Objects from the Ancient Near East are displayed in Gallery 23, downstairs from the historic Main Entrance to the museum.

Floor plan of the museum.

Eye idol

Object in Focus: 'Eye Idols' from Tell Brak, Syria

Although they date from roughly 3200 BC, Eye Idols look remarkably modern. Simple and abstract, they represent...

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