Collections Division

Lucilla Burn | Acting Assistant Director, Collections

Registrar's Office

General enquiries:
Tel: 01223 332900

David Packer | Museum Registrar

Liz Woods | Assistant Registrar

Barbara Burstein | Secretary to Keepers

Anna Lloyd-Griffiths | Secretary to the Keepers


Mella Shaw | Exhibitions Officer |


The Antiquities Department deals with ancient objects from the Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Sudan.

General enquiries:
Tel: (+44) (0)1223 332900

Department web pages

Lucilla Burn | Keeper

Julie Dawson | Head of Conservation

Anastasia Christophilopoulou | Assistant Curator - Monday - Thursday

Andor Vince | Collections Care Officer

Louise Jenkins | Senior Chief Technician

Deborah Magnoler | Temporary Assistant Conservator

Jennifer Marchant | Conservator of Antiquities

Charis Millett | Departmental Technician

Helena Rodwell | Assistant Conservator, Collections Care

Helen Strudwick | Egypt 2016 Curator

Applied Arts

General enquiries:
Tel: 01223 332900

Department web pages

Vicky Avery | Keeper

James Lin | Senior Assistant Keeper

Jo Dillon | Conservator of Objects

Nik Zolman | Senior Chief Technician

Margaret Clarke | Senior Technician

Andrew Maloney | Technician

Carol Humphrey | Honorary Keeper

Tim Matthews | Departmental Technician

Helen Ritchie | Research Assistant

Coins and Medals

General enquiries:
Tel: 01223 332900

Department web pages

Adrian Popescu | Keeper
web page

Martin Allen | Senior Assistant Keeper
web page

Eimear Reilly | Documentation Assistant
web page

Barbara Burstein | Secretary to Keepers

Tanya Zhimbiev | Library Assistant

Ted Buttrey | Honorary Keeper of Ancient Coins
web page

Richard Kelleher | Assistant Keeper (Medieval and Modern)
web page

Manuscripts and Printed Books

General enquiries:
Tel: 01223 332912

Department web pages

Stella Panayotova | Keeper

Deirdre Jackson | Research Associate

Paola Ricciardi | Research Associate

John Lancaster | Technician

Nicholas Robinson | Curatorial Assistant

Edward Cheese | Conservator

Lucia Pereira-Pardo | Zeno Karl Schindler-MINIARE Fellow (Research Assistant)

Suzanne Reynolds | Assistant Keeper, MSSPB

Rebecca Honold | Research Assistant, Assistant Conservator

Paintings, Drawings and Prints

General enquiries:
Tel: 01223 332900

Department web pages

Jane Munro | Keeper

Craig Hartley | Senior Assistant Keeper (Prints)

Richard Farleigh | Paper Conservator

Anna Marie Kirk | Research Assistant

Elenor Ling | Research Assistant (Prints)

Sean Fall | Senior Chief Technician

Andrew Bowker | Senior Technician / Fire Manager

Jane Ison (nee Sargent) | Senior Technician

Amy Marquis | Study Room Invigilator

Tim Matthews | Departmental Technician

Hettie Ward | Assistant Keeper

The Fitzwilliam Museum : Collections Division

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