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Turkish Crimean Medal (British issue), awarded to Cpl. S. Sartin in 1859

Turkish Crimean Medal (Britain), 1856

Obverse, a laurel wreath around the cipher of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

Turkish Crimean Medal (Britain), 1856

Reverse, a cannon and mortar left and right before four standards of Crimean Allies, Union Jack to the front

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Turkish Crimean Medal, 1859

The readiness of Great Britain and France, and also Sardinia whose contribution is often forgotten, to aid the Ottoman Empire in the Crimean War, was recognised by Sultan Abdúlmecid with the issue of a medal for all the troops of all nations involved, struck to a slightly different design for each country.
The majority of the medals for British troops were however lost with their ship during carriage to Britain in 1860, and so British troops often obtained themselves copies of the Sardinian or sometimes the French issue instead. This is however one of the genuine British issue, with the Union Jack given pride of place in the field.
This medal was awarded to Corporal S. Sartin of the 62nd Regiment. Lester Watson acquired the medal at some point before 1928.