Group 8 (part 2)

Ghuznee Medal, Gwalior Campaign Star (Maharajpoor) & Sutlej Campaign Medal (Aliwal 1846), awarded to Cpt. Lawrence Fyler 1839-1846

Image["Group 8 (part 2)"]

Image["Group 8 (part 2)"]

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Group 8 (part 2): Ghuznee Medal, Gwalior Campaign Star (Maharajpoor) & Sutlej Campaign Medal (Aliwal 1846)

The circumstances of award and the history of the individual medals are discussed on the following three pages, q. v..
The group is attached by a triple clasp through which their ribbons are threaded as with a normal single clasp. The ribbons are secured at the back by a long pin across all three bands. The other part of Major-General Fyler's medal group, not counting its two loose components, are similarly connected; he most likely wore them in two rows.
These were as this implies the medals of Major-General Lawrence Fyler, though he held a lesser rank at the time of their award. He served with the 16th Lancers for all of these campaigns. Some account of these services is given with the entries for each individual medal. The Lester Watson Collection includes his entire medal group, purchased as one by Lester Watson from the London dealers Seaby in 1929.

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