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Group 6 (part)

Coronation Medal (George V) & Allied Victory Medal 1914-1918 (British), awarded to Captain T. M. Monk in 1911 & 1919

Group 6

Group 6

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Group 6: Coronation Medal (George V), Allied Victory Medal 1914-1918 (British)

The circumstances of award and the history of the individual medals are discussed on the following two pages, q. v..
The group is stitched together at the top of the ribbons.
These were the medals of Captain T. M. Monk, who was therefore presumably present at the Royal Coronation of 1911 and survived the Great War of 1914-1918. The Lester Watson Collection also includes two other medals that belonged to him, but as these are not attached to this group they have been considered separately. Nonetheless, it was as a group of four that Lester Watson acquired them all, at some point before 1928.