Sculpture Promenade 2012

Artists featured in the Fitzwilliam Museum's third Sculpture Promenade are Cambridge based sculptor Helaine Blumenfeld, British sculptor Peter Randall-Page and Japanese sculptor Kan Yasuda.

All three artists worked in the renowned sculpture centre of Pietrasanta, Italy, with the famous local Carrara marble.

Highlights of the 2012 displays will include:

People are encouraged to interact with the pieces, as all three artists created their works with the aim of viewers being able to experience them as much through touch as visually.

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Congratulations to John Maclean - winner of the Fitzwilliam Museum's 2012 Sculpture Promenade photo competition. John submitted the clever picture (below) of his favourite outdoor artwork.

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Tue 6 March 2012 to Sun 31 March 2013
Front lawn

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