Web Accessibility

The Fitzwilliam Museum is committed to continuous reviews of its displays, website and services and to making improvements to facilitate access[ 1].
In support of this committment The Museum strives to meet policy and best practice guidelines for web accessibility provided by:

In practice this means the 'core' of the site is intended to meet WCAG 2.0 recommendations[ 5]. There are resources, not in the 'core' of this site, for example the Linnell Archive, which were created many years ago and, unfortunately, these online resources may not meet contemporary accessibility standards.

If you have any problems accessing materials, or using assistive technologies, on our website please contact the .

Website Accessibility Features

Access Keys

The following standard access keys are used throughout the site:

Further information about access keys and their use

Text only version

Where possible a 'text only' version of each page can be machine generated (select 'Text Version' link in the page header). This feature, because it is provided through machine processing, has its limitations. We acknowledge that it will benefit from further evaluation and would welcome your feedback.


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