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Department Collections

The Ancient World collections at the Fitzwilliam span the ancient civilisations and cultures of Greece and Rome, Cyprus, Egypt and North Sudan and the Ancient Near East. Amassed by gift, bequest and purchase over the last 200 years, these rare survivors from the past –  from pots to sculpture, textiles, statues, jewellery or inscriptions - offer vivid glimpses of the lost worlds where they were made, and of the people who offered them to their gods or laid them in family graves. At the same time the collections form a case study of collecting, of how, by whom and for what purposes collections such as this were formed, and how our understanding of them has evolved over the centuries.

The Ancient World collections are displayed in Galleries 19 – 24.


News & Events

The secrets of ancient Egyptian artisans on show in Death on the Nile

The Fitzwilliam Museum is marking its bicentenary with an exhibition on its collection of Egyptian coffins.

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