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Image["Staff of the Fitzwilliam Museum c.1890"]
Museum History

The Fitzwilliam Museum was described by the Standing Commission on Museums & Galleries in 1968 as “one of the greatest art collections of the nation and a monument of the first importance”.

Find out more about the history of the museum and its collections

Image["Hamilton Kerr Institute"]

Hamilton Kerr Institute

The Institute is a department of the Fitzwilliam Museum. It undertakes the conservation of easel paintings for public and publicly shown collections as well as the Museum.

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Corporate information about The Museum, our mission, policies and reviews.


Research and Projects

Information about current and past projects in which the Museum has been involved.

Image["gallery guide"]

Floorplan and gallery guide

An interactive guide to the galleries with information on the outstanding architecture and the fascinating history of the Museum and its collections.

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