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About The Fitzwilliam Museum

Staff of the Fitzwilliam Museum c.1890Museum History

The Fitzwilliam Museum was described by the Standing Commission on Museums & Galleries in 1968 as “one of the greatest art collections of the nation and a monument of the first importance”.

Find out more about the history of the museum and its collections

Hamilton Kerr Institute

Hamilton Kerr Institute

The Institute is a department of the Fitzwilliam Museum. It undertakes the conservation of easel paintings for public and publicly shown collections as well as the Museum.

THe Fitzwilliam Museum Portico


Corporate information about The Museum, our mission, policies and reviews.


Research and Projects

Information about current and past projects in which the Museum has been involved.

gallery guide

Floorplan and gallery guide

An interactive guide to the galleries with information on the outstanding architecture and the fascinating history of the Museum and its collections.